Welcome to Aaron’s Way, an organization created l’zecher nishmas Aaron Shalom Tepfer, whose brief life of being an ish chessed and a person devoted to loving kindness has made an indelible impact on so many throughout Klal Yisroel. Aaron Shalom was named for Aaron Ha’Cohen, and like his namesake, Aaron embodied the middah of caring for other people. Countless stories have emerged how Aaron repeatedly stood up for boys who were prone to being bullied, created shalom among his peers, or welcomed new students into his sphere of warmth and friendship.


The sole purpose of Aaron’s Way is to provide boys with opportunities to do chessed, designed to perpetuate the acts of kindness which Aaron performed and perfected at such a young age. Wherever he went, Aaron brought goodness and kindness to those who needed his love and support. His smile was as constant as his response of concern to those who needed his willing arm around their shoulders.



​How to help

If you, or someone you know, would like to get involved in Aaron’s Way by: making a donation, suggesting an idea, or volunteering we would love to hear from you. Contact us HERE




Latest project:

​​Filled With Love

Our new hospital related endeavor sends boys to stock the bikur cholim rooms in local hospitals, such as Long Island Jewish Medical Center and North Shore Hospital.

Aaron’s Way has begun making these visits regularly and counts them among the numerous options boys have to get involved in chessed.