The A+OK homework assistance program takes place every Monday night from 7:00–8:15pm at Yeshivah Shor Yoshuv in Lawrence, NY. Each week, boys from schools around the community come together to assist each other in studying subjects in either l’mudei kodesh or l’mudei chol. With the assistance of each school’s faculty, boys are paired into groups of two, to learn material that may be more easily understood by one boy but is perhaps more difficult to grasp for his study partner. The program not only provides an additional tool to strengthen a student’s comprehension of a particular subject, but also provides an invaluable lesson to so many boys: If HaShem granted you the ability to understand gemara, math or science why not help others succeed in those areas as well. After 45 minutes of learning,the boys are invited to the gym to play ball , enjoy snacks and refreshments and are awarded prizes and raffles.

Cold Weather – Warm Hearts 

As cold weather sets in, Aaron’s Way, in partnership with Achiezer, assembles children, teenagers, and adults who have offered to help remove dangerous ice and snow from the properties of the elderly, widowed or handicapped. Each neighborhood, with its own list of volunteers, springs into action in the event of winter storm conditions.

Caring Kids


While visiting various locations to boost the spirits of fellow Jews, boys put on performances that included juggling, singing, magic shows, and even pizza parties. A current initiative from Aaron’s Way is bringing junior high school students, on a rotating basis, to perform in Cohen’s Children’s Hospital, senior living facilities and Ohel homes throught the metro area. Patients, seniors and members of each of these locations have all expressed how much these shows have lifted their spirits. The joy that the boys themselves get knowing that they have brightened the day of so many, really fills them with a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

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Camp Middos Award 


Working with various sleep-away and day camps, Aaron’s Way is developing a program that highlights various middos throughout the summer. Boys receive prizes and awards as they integrate chessed and middos tovos into their daily lives. The camp setting provides a unique setting for educating our youth about proper middos.

Filled With Love



In addition to our caring kids program, boys also participate in another hospital related endeavor. Each week different groups of boys make deliveries to the bikur cholim rooms in local hospitals such as North Shore Community Hospital and Long Island Jewish Hospital. The boys help stock the shelves organize, ane clean the rooms. This program was spearheaded by and continues to be run by Mrs. Shani Moerman. It has become one of our most popular programs, as it gives the boys a real opportunity to participate in chesed. The boys gain a sense of pride and fulfillment knowing that they were instrumental in helping the families of the patients during a hard time.

Special Hosts - 

Special Guests


This program, under the direction of Mrs. Tova Singer, was designed to assist families who are eager for their loved one to recieve a visit at their home for an hour. Visiting these special individuals offers an unbelievable opportunity for our boys to do a beautiful chessed. In addition to this benefit, it fosters feelings of fulfillment and a chance to raise chessed awareness and achieve personal growth for the visitor. Ahavas Yisroel at it's finest. A middah that Aaron A'H completely embodied. A role model for our visitors to fully emulate. As evidenced by testimonials given by recipients of home visits, Aaron's way is enabling boys to continue Aaron's legacy of kindness and goodness which he exemplified at a young age.  .