Mrs. Cohen -

Far Rockaway resident

Karen Marano

Employee - Nautilus Senior Living,

Atlantic Beach

"Our residents haven't stopped talking about the boys and they sat for about an hour after you left because your visit was so full of energy that nobody wanted to go to sleep! They want you back and the ones that missed you are upset that they didn't get to see you. In the true spirit of remembering your son Aaron, Aaron's Way brought life, vitality, and joy to our community last night."

"I was just telling my husband this morning after I answered the door, that I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. These two wonderful, lovely young men offered to clean the snow. It is a huge mitzvah, since we are senior citizens. We are so grateful!" 

Here's what people are saying about Aaron's Way



Abie Hersh

Student at HALB

"On Monday night I attended the awesome homework program which is held every Monday night. I had an amazing time at this program, and I hope to go again as much as I can. It was a terrific experience for me and all the kids from other schools in the area. We hope to get many kids to join this wonderful program!!"

Natasha Srulowitz

Resident of West Hempstead
and Parent of 6th Grader at YOSS

"For the past school year, a number of Five Towns families have performed chessed to enable our son to participate in the Aaron’s Way program. 

Our son attends 6th grade in Yeshivah South Shore and we live in West Hempstead. Every week fellow 6th grade parents, without hesitation, open their homes, host and drive our son Danny to and from the program. 

It is through their act of chessed that he has the opportunity to perform chessed as well and participate in this meaningful program. I want to express our gratitude to the Halbfinger, Weinstein, and Daskal families for their kindness and care" 



Natasha Srulowitz


Joy Paley

Parent Volunteer

"Every 6th grader in Yeshiva Darchei Torah thinks that they were best friends with Aaron Shalom Tepfer a"h. Every boy had a connection and was touched in some way, whether it was through a game of baseball, a fun science project, or if a boy just needed a friend, Aaron Shalom a"h knew to include him. While the stories are incredible & endless, I would like to share my own personal experience that happened with some of Aaron Shalom's friends. One of the projects of Aaron's Way has parents drive 5 or 6 boys every week to LIJ & Northshore hospitals to supply food for the bikur cholim rooms. From the moment my husband and I picked up all the boys, I remarked to my husband what a great bonding experience the car ride is, that every boy was included in conversation. They seemed to hav an unusual excitement to be doing this great mitzvah. When we arrived, i jumped out of the car to take out the packages. Every boy said, "its ok, I got it, I got it." They were so excited to be shlepping heavy packages through a hospital. When we arrived to the kitchen, there was some organizing and cleaning that had to be done. My husband and I didnt say a word. The boys jumped to the rubber gloves, grabbed a broom, another the windex, another boy started throwing out food that had to be thrown out, another boy started organizing. I stood there in awe. When we got to the next hospital, the boys were even more excited because now they were pros. It was getting late and no one was tired, everyone was complimenting eachother and helping, "can you please pass the paper towels?" "Thats a good idea", "good job"! "This is fun, I want to do this again!" I looked at these boys and said to myself, "this is how Aaron Shalom a"h did every mitzvah, with such enthusiasm". These boys felt so good about themselves, and knew that Aaron Shalom a"h would be proud too. Through Aaron's Way, every boy has tremendous opportunities to do great mitzvos emulating our precious Aaron Shalom a"h."

The Messages We've Been Getting:

"such a nice thing these boys are doing. They had a very nice time. Laughed, giggled, and played."


"Thank you so very much. It was very nice :) such a chessed and really appreciated."


"Baruch Hashem, **** came over to visit today. It was soooo nice for **** to have a shabbos friend! Thanks soooooo much!"


"Thanks for the visit on Friday, it was such a kiddush HaShem, it was great!"